This is an idea I have been sitting on for a while. I’ve been thinking over the whole NWO agenda for a while now, and asking myself how we may overcome that and work against it. I think “The Game” is part of my answer to that question.

So far this is what I’ve got. It’s a work in progress, and I want all your help to develop this. I’m not sure if I should create a seperate website and discussion board or have it as a sub-board on Avalon. I’m leaning towards the latter more than the former as there are already too many websites out there devoted to spirituality and I don’t want this to get lost amongst the chatter…

In short, the premise is that our 3d existance is just an elaborate game. We’ve become far too serious and let ourselves get so sucked into it that the game now plays us rather than us playing the game. This was never meant to be the case.

I want to create a framwork and a forum for those interested (ie : US!) to start learning to play the game properly again - according to the rules of the universe and not the rules of the PTB. I think this can be very important work leading up to 2012. In fact, in the framework of “the game” - 2012 may well be the year that the scales tip in our favor as a race and we start playing on a level playing field with the PTB - and I think that’s whats got them so scared.

But this won’t happen if we don’t do the groundwork in 2011.

As I said, this is a very early wip, but I think I’m on a winner here… I’d like some people to help and start a conversation so we can get started on this. I believe It’s important work and we can really make a difference. :D


"Another point Revolver demonstrated, was that the only way we can succeed in the game, is not only to overcome our ego, but use the same trick the elites have used for us on years against them. Feed their ego, until they commit virtual suicide."

It seems some folks at Disinfo are engaging the Game.
Getting a head of Us, are yeh?

It seems some folks at Disinfo are engaging the Game.

Getting a head of Us, are yeh?