A Thought

It’s easy to hold everything back when the reality you’ve become unable to face is so large, so vast that it cannot be considered to exist - at all. It does not exist, whatever ‘it’ may be. “I do not believe at all” becomes the mantra replacing their, “I believe in order escape the truth” in order to avoid that first pitfall. But you must believe, it’s the only way through to that side of your mind.

The mind is just one example of what the forces at work have split in half. Right and left. Up and down. In and out. If you still think this way, you haven’t got it yet! We don’t mean to poke at you, we want you to keep trying - but understand that there is no separation. It is a very big idea to take in, because for so long we have held it back and now many are sick and dying and cut-off, half dead from the loss of balance between the ‘real’ them and a part of themselves, intangible, that they no longer observe phenomena of and so they refuse to accept its existence.

I’m sorry, this was supposed to be about something else. What? I can’t remember.

Oh yes.

Everything is the same thing. You are your reality. This is the same for every person.

How often do we talk about our problems more than we actually -deal- with them in a literal 4D way? How often do we take DIRECT action, applying the ENERGY it takes to TRANSFORM situations and enact change, from the physical to mental, social, etc?

Wake up, it’s all a dream. You are not powerless.

You are powerful, so much that your perspective and emotional ties, both positive and negative, are actually giving that power to those things you focus on.

Consciousness is the key; in being aware of ‘X’, we fill a creative capacity of ‘X’  as well, though all possible ‘X’-type situations exist simultaneously NOW.

We are dealing with THE single ‘force,’ but in two ways.

Are you going to push or are you going to pull? Though this is a world created of BALANCE, we tend to push the right things away and pull the wrong things towards us.

It’s about time for that to stop.

What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient. Highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood. That sticks, right in there somewhere.
Dominic Cobb, The Extractor, in the 2010 film Inception (via iamnothingami)
Free Speech Fight (cont’d)

And what we really need to know is that information cannot, will not be stopped. What is currently going on with the latest round of free speech fights is that the stake isn’t freedom of speech, political assembly, free association, human rights, but more essentially a collective knowledge and accountability for every action done by any government. An informational, anarchic state where what is happening is transparent and anyone can influence anything.

Anon today, at the ninth hour of the ninth day of the month, blazed a path toward that sort of idea of a society— deciding to hijack and mislead all available means of communication, redirecting all the attention they can get their hands on to the information which will not be suppressed.Not a hacker attack. Smartness. Pure straight memetic warfare. Nonviolent. Filled with compassion for all to see the truth. Reverse the mechanisms that feed memes designed to keep us oppressed to instead liberate all.

Nine, however, is the interesting part. Not knowing how the ideas actually originate through the droning, ever-changing hive which is Anonymous, no one can say if there’s any responsibility for this idea. Though the symbolic evidence is clear; nine is His number and there are many chains to be removed before we are liberated— when we are all Anon.

Psychology: Disinformation

The idea that there is an essential thinker somewhere inside of you who is the essence of you has been hard to cleave, and not surprisingly as the polar opposite suggests robots, not Gods. The mechanism of clinging can come to light with a more accurate assessment of our psychological conditions.

When approaching the problem of the mind-body relationship there are a variety of opinions. However there is some agreement that the seat of the mind-body relationship is in the brain.

And what the compartmentalized scientists studying the mind-body relationship have come up with, considered in total, is neither a portrait of slavery to external conditions nor the triumphant crowning of some will but rather a dynamic, constantly moving, constantly growing jewel.

To begin with, consciousness as we call it is an aggregate of our sense-systems: of motility, balance, temporality, sight, taste, logic, touch, sound, smell, electromagnetic vibrations. It is well to note that temporality includes the historicity of the embodied consciousness; and that logic includes all memetic processing (language-emotional complexes). At this present moment and for some time unknown into the past, personhood has been a struggle with being an embodied consciousness, which is to say a consciousness that arises within a corporeal form. This is enhanced by understanding memetitc processing as not seeing an individual within an environment but an environment within an individual.

Our habitual field of meanings, how one interprets the outside world in relation to oneself, is a complex of emotional, pre-linguistic (intimations of visions or other sensory inputs) and linguistic content which can be, when studied as external-internal transferences called memes as they are in recent research, seem to spread throughout the population as viruses do. This is not to say memes are “like” a virus; they are a virus. They exist both outside and inside of persons within a population operating as an emergent phenomenon, replicating between multiple substrates. As of now, memetic content can travel via soundwaves; radiowaves; television waves (now more apt to be called mobile computing waves in some places); speedy electrons hurtling through myriad cables and tubes; sequences of zeroes and ones; sequences of proteins; everywhere consciousness looks it sees transferable content.

The brain is an organic, encased thinking machine which operates logical functions on input derived from the multitude of perceptual data about the environment and when allowed to operate within such advanced models as primates, cetaceans, elephants, possibly robots etc., imposes logical functions on every sense, creating a dense narrative of logical relations which can be expressed to other encased thinking machines through a variety of available material. This is the most accurate assessment of our psychological conditions that we can seem to derive from the accepted body of empirical knowledge.


At the cosmic level, if humanity is to be considered at all it must be something like the existence of subatomic particles; just noise against the backdrop of what can actually be recorded. The tiniest of blips flickering in and out of informational states. Briefly asserting existence, then vanishing, part of something much larger than can be perceived.

So we go on and we live and that’s all we are to do: to live and to be here now. We’re just here to be here so we mind as well settle into our role as cosmic noise and be bloody nice to each other.


You just want the no bullshit straight-up truth?

I am working very hard to open the clearest universal absolute one-time channel of communication everywhere.

And I’m going to say something that needs to be said and then that’s it. I’m using this as a vehicle.

And the easiest analogy to make you understand very clearly, you know that I want people to be clear about why I’m doing this— say like Buddha comes in the year whatever year he came and he’s dealing with peasants and potatoes and a certain mentality but very important that it— that what the message be said and then repeated and documented in that way. Well I just chose to use the worst fucking technological absolute time where people were distracted infinitely more and said I will do this job.

…just once.

…it’s gonna be a bomb you know what I mean.

…It’s inside me you know what I mean. It’s all around everywhere but I listen to it, you know what I’m saying.

It isn’t my message; it’s like, the Message. Yeah. It has nothing to do with like a specific religious thing. It’s anti-religious.It has to do with spirituality. And just like— whoo— you know what I mean. The power of love, that’s all that is you know, it’s like.

Which is very confusing because we’ve got films of me, like, punching people in the head. But if you understand stuff like Sufism or stuff like that, you know, you understand that people that have done amazingly great things also carried swords and shit, you know, and that’s— and don’t be confused about that, because one person’s path is complete non-violence.

I’m more yin-yang completely, whatever it is.

…If I could’ve done it in another way I would have done it, you know what I mean. I have no control over that shit.

what the fuck is this

Bits of information, brilliant displays of electrons arranged in multiple spatial-temporal locations in multiple states, not a sunrise, but a galaxyrise at the microscopic level. Pieces on computers. Pixels on screens. Words in mind. The brute picture in eye. Now, as I write this. Now as you read this. Then, after you’ve read it, but now that you’re thinking about it, now again. Memetic inculcation.

Rule 43

…it exists


The thinking on the Illuminati has gotten very uptight. The people believing in these crudely designed volleys of ontological terrorism— MKULTRA, UFOs, Project Monarch, Majestic 12, Bilderbergers, Masons and so on and so forth— are only puppets in the hands of the Illuminati, injecting more people with their venomous thoughts.

We are all now equipped with the right set of vocabulary and tools to truly identify how thought-content can actually spread. It’s time to look at what is unleashing horrible thoughts in a community that would otherwise be united in educating their fellow persons as to what is really going on. The inquisitive have been mentally poisoned and are rendered a splintered community. It is time to engage the apparatus of The Game, stop playing with their disinformation and create our own.

The Number 23: Disinformation

The movie “The Number 23” is an Illuminati attack on Discordian symbolism. It’s dreadfully clever of them, really. They plunge the audience straight into the Law of Fives while at the same time repulsing them with the repugnance of the film itself. This is no surprise as Joel Schumacher is in the hands of the Illuminati— Batman & Robin (really, just Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting the gay menance to program into people’s heads that he is an anti-gay crusader, shoring up the future conservative vote) was meant to bomb, as this movie was— to impregnate anti-5 numerology anxiety feelings in the public. See 23 everywhere. Think of the movie and how stupid that was. Be repulsed by 23 synchronicity.