Jani Schofield is a 7 year old girl living with childhood schizophrenia. She has many hallucinations of pets and friends and describes her life as somewhere between ‘our world’ and ‘her world’. During her ‘psychotic’ moments, Jani becomes very violent and just recently her family has decided…

HAARP Technology Mind Control

The Number 23: Disinformation

The movie “The Number 23” is an Illuminati attack on Discordian symbolism. It’s dreadfully clever of them, really. They plunge the audience straight into the Law of Fives while at the same time repulsing them with the repugnance of the film itself. This is no surprise as Joel Schumacher is in the hands of the Illuminati— Batman & Robin (really, just Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting the gay menance to program into people’s heads that he is an anti-gay crusader, shoring up the future conservative vote) was meant to bomb, as this movie was— to impregnate anti-5 numerology anxiety feelings in the public. See 23 everywhere. Think of the movie and how stupid that was. Be repulsed by 23 synchronicity.