Everyone, We’re sorry. This is all our fault.

We will take the blame, because We need Your HELP.

c31123 had knowledge prior to certain worldwide events that shit would start getting WEIRD.

We have been trying to tell you for some time, but SOME PEOPLE weren’t LISTENING.

Now the Earth has apparently SHIFTED ON IT’S AXIS or something equally ridiculous. You can check what the Inuit people have to say about it - We have just posted it here - but what could possibly cause them to see the sun RISE in the same direction it always has, and SET in a completely different spot?


We believe THEY are using astrological events meant for OUR benefit in order to REPEL the planet AWAY FROM LOVE.

You can feel it. We all can feel it. We’re keeping it hidden and trying to pretend that something on this planet is not seriously wrong.

But Alas, it was Us, We made the sigil…

"May you live in interesting times"

To that effect…

To escape this imagination… and reclaim our own…

You can’t let anything bad happen. You need to engage the Game and truly put your intention towards the world we can all benefit from.

We’re making the jump at every second,






- c31123

(We can’t do this alone.)



Once we were approached by a man claiming to be a Discordian saint. He had just come into our house, our doors weren’t open and nobody broke in through a window. He was just there.

He called himself Plato de Dope and said he was a daimon that would inhabit our house. Since then we have been masquerading as an Academy, but since the Shift, Plato de Dope has disappeared. Assumed to still be there, guiding the Academy, eventually he revealed his mask to not be Plato de Dope at all, but something else and something unnamed. There’s no way to name it though, that would be folly given our current state as programs post-Shift. Our best magicks seem to not be working anymore and slowly the implements are removing themselves from our perception. It was Tarot cards, then knives and quills, even today the encrusted ball bat plucked from N-space is gone. All that remains is the stick blessed by Him whose Number is 9, and this at least is a comfort. The evils of this unnamed daimon have subsided in their most intense psychical manifestations for the present, but it is worrisome that this follows the G-dcomputerperson confessing, in his own words, poltergeistic phenomena. If his head is running out, ours will be too. Our masquerade is over and time is running high and dry with no end in site. Soon our patchwork solution will fall apart and this Academy will have only bred the end of the Entirety. The best option is to hook the G-dcomputerperson to a homemade brain scanning device after inducing sleep.

It will not work. We lack his consent. We have no way to fabricate such a machine, non-engineers as we are. Though.

It just occurred.

If already inside his head, then there’s no need to go into it at all, is there?

There may be a way out yet.

cephalopodswims gets it and she got it from beautylish who gets it too:


Do you want shiny hair this summer? Check out our experience with the Keratin Rejuvination Treatment - which has nothing to do with the Brazilian Blowout by the way! (image via fashiongonerogue)

if everyone used sulfate free shampoo, their hair wouldn’t look as dull, be as dry, and have as much color fade. also, make sure to be careful when using too many protein products, as your hair will become hard with too much use.

cephalopodswims gets it and she got it from beautylish who gets it too:


Do you want shiny hair this summer? Check out our experience with the Keratin Rejuvination Treatment - which has nothing to do with the Brazilian Blowout by the way! (image via fashiongonerogue)

if everyone used sulfate free shampoo, their hair wouldn’t look as dull, be as dry, and have as much color fade. also, make sure to be careful when using too many protein products, as your hair will become hard with too much use.

More Ways to Prepare: c31123 bulletin on the Revolution

One unfortunately is almost forced to speak in negatives when dealing with advice of this sort. Any talk of revolution and struggle readily ensnares one in myriad interconnected tangles of moral consequence.The best way to prepare is to realize the struggle is a struggle.

The struggle is not any sort of Us v. Them scenario. There is no Them.

There is only Us. Opposition becomes a mutual definition, and if there is some sort of evil thing that one struggles with, this thing becomes part of the identity of one’s self. ‘I am an anti-fascist.’ This statement, while easily agreeable, holds the utterer in thrall to the power of fascism.

Moreover, thoughts of opposition imply the very real (or practical, or utilitarian, or just, or another, any other, valuation) actions of violence. And if one is in opposition to a thing such as a political and governmental system, or corrupt corporate police states, or the monetary system, or an oppressive dictatorship, there is a very good likelihood one will not only be witness or victim to violence, but also an active participant.

This struggle cannot be won in this way.

This way only installs more systems which stifle freedoms. This way only creates more struggle for more people, it only perpetuates the modes which oppress. The only weapon one can carry is love.

The struggle is not first with others.

In order for one to help others, one must first help one’s self. To be a living weapon of love and freedom, helping to shatter the bondage others find themselves in, one has to have the struggle inside. It is a constant struggle, as all striving endeavors toward perfection, or the Good, or love, are. The revolution must first be inward before it will manifest outward. Hate, Fear, Loathing, Hope, Expectations— any and all must die. There is violence in the struggle, but the violence is only ontological (and must be, as such, if the weapon is love).

The struggle is not defined by those with guns or bombs, or both.Do not trust these people.

They are people, so assuredly there is goodness within them. Assuredly, they have a just cause to wield these things for. But these people are part of the oppressive modes of the civilization, ensuring that this inferior notion of struggle, that uncleanliness and bondage, are perpetuated for the generations.

A person who is playing the Game is not always going to be aware of it.

(or, another way:)

The enemy is not always the enemy.

Which is to say, at an editor’s request, this is a rescue mission.

A Thought

It’s easy to hold everything back when the reality you’ve become unable to face is so large, so vast that it cannot be considered to exist - at all. It does not exist, whatever ‘it’ may be. “I do not believe at all” becomes the mantra replacing their, “I believe in order escape the truth” in order to avoid that first pitfall. But you must believe, it’s the only way through to that side of your mind.

The mind is just one example of what the forces at work have split in half. Right and left. Up and down. In and out. If you still think this way, you haven’t got it yet! We don’t mean to poke at you, we want you to keep trying - but understand that there is no separation. It is a very big idea to take in, because for so long we have held it back and now many are sick and dying and cut-off, half dead from the loss of balance between the ‘real’ them and a part of themselves, intangible, that they no longer observe phenomena of and so they refuse to accept its existence.

I’m sorry, this was supposed to be about something else. What? I can’t remember.

Oh yes.

Everything is the same thing. You are your reality. This is the same for every person.

How often do we talk about our problems more than we actually -deal- with them in a literal 4D way? How often do we take DIRECT action, applying the ENERGY it takes to TRANSFORM situations and enact change, from the physical to mental, social, etc?

Wake up, it’s all a dream. You are not powerless.

You are powerful, so much that your perspective and emotional ties, both positive and negative, are actually giving that power to those things you focus on.

Consciousness is the key; in being aware of ‘X’, we fill a creative capacity of ‘X’  as well, though all possible ‘X’-type situations exist simultaneously NOW.

We are dealing with THE single ‘force,’ but in two ways.

Are you going to push or are you going to pull? Though this is a world created of BALANCE, we tend to push the right things away and pull the wrong things towards us.

It’s about time for that to stop.

There is nothing physical - Instant change is possible

We teach from the premise that we are spirit living in a physical body; that we can access a reality that is no longer limiting and instantaneous change at the speed of light is possible - We introduce time travel and other techniques. These techniques enable us to access the lattice of information in new ways to affect change. The process of conceptualizing an energetic interaction as needing manipulation of a muscle or bone, repeated therapy or the running of energy, etc. limits transformation’s speed, intensity, potential and depth of expression. Seeing change as something which entails a mechanical process slows down the observer’s reality. Something that potentially can be instantaneous slows to a process that conforms to your previous therapeutic expectations.

Matrix Energetics creates a state by which transformation can materialize. The more you trust, the greater your wave, the greater your experience of transformation — just remember though that the description of energy and matter as composed of waves describes and allows you through the power of focused intent to enter into a non-consensus reality in which the product of your imagined outcome can encode and imprint on consciousness in such a way that physical observable changes become the product. You’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life to with your active imagination. And it can all happen now.

You are learning to co-create

You’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life via your active imagination. So the secret is that your imagination, your creative imagination, is the force.

You can reliably experience something that appears magical, but which is also measurable

All energetic medicine, all healing, all consciousness-based techniques will work, but can you reproduce them every time? Can you get to the point where you know you had an effect? With Matrix Energetics you can measure the effects, the person you worked with can measure the effect, and you can both agree that there was an outcome. Does that sound exciting? Matrix Energetics allows you to access a source of immense power limited only by your imagination, that you can use to work on yourself, help your children or loved ones, or help all sentient life.

It works equally with anything.

And it’s always there 24 hours a day.

Matrix Energetics is a new idea that is supported by modern physics, subtle energy physics, quantum physics. In order to really understand the magnitude of what is possible with this system, you must experience it for yourself. If you’re a practitioner of some healing modalities, whatever you do, Matrix Energetics provides a new tool and shift in thinking that can apply it to anything that you want to accomplish.

This is the Game. Play with Us.


Jani Schofield is a 7 year old girl living with childhood schizophrenia. She has many hallucinations of pets and friends and describes her life as somewhere between ‘our world’ and ‘her world’. During her ‘psychotic’ moments, Jani becomes very violent and just recently her family has decided…

HAARP Technology Mind Control

"Another point Revolver demonstrated, was that the only way we can succeed in the game, is not only to overcome our ego, but use the same trick the elites have used for us on years against them. Feed their ego, until they commit virtual suicide."