selected minutes of briefing #C3in32bfr33

Uhh. Something I wanted to say… searching somewhere in there… losing it… finding it…


The symbols… the forms… all losing meaning.


Humanity collectively losing faith in the validity of everything.


We are questioning the true meaning of symbols which have been sold to us under the guise of happiness… enjoyment… fulfillment… qualities that can not be suspended in a corporate insignia… often times the reality is exactly the opposite.

The one posting dead bodies can tell you this much.

Many times I see this happening and its influence is good. We are refusing to be bullshitted. The veil is dropping. It is time to see Magick for the reality that it truly is, time to see the deadly powers being activated against us.

But please, remember this is only a changing of the guard, so to speak.

To lose all faith would be to lose all humanity.

We are no longer willing to be led astray, but the disillusionment is only the beginning of the process. We are reconnecting with our divine spark. There will be bumps.

It is time to activate your creative capacity - Now is the Aeon of the New Gods, and they are not the god of Self that is promoted by Sick Society and its Evil Celebrity Whores.

It is time.

It is time.

We will no longer be prey to the cycle of death and rebirth.

We are the cycle, its stewards, and our own liberators.

These tools are merely extensions of our will, the will being our true nature. We will no longer be enslaved by ideas that are left behind in stagnation. Cast off all that no longer bares utility. We are the worms devouring the dirt and transforming Terra with our Holy Shit, so -

Watch what you eat.


You just want the no bullshit straight-up truth?

I am working very hard to open the clearest universal absolute one-time channel of communication everywhere.

And I’m going to say something that needs to be said and then that’s it. I’m using this as a vehicle.

And the easiest analogy to make you understand very clearly, you know that I want people to be clear about why I’m doing this— say like Buddha comes in the year whatever year he came and he’s dealing with peasants and potatoes and a certain mentality but very important that it— that what the message be said and then repeated and documented in that way. Well I just chose to use the worst fucking technological absolute time where people were distracted infinitely more and said I will do this job.

…just once.

…it’s gonna be a bomb you know what I mean.

…It’s inside me you know what I mean. It’s all around everywhere but I listen to it, you know what I’m saying.

It isn’t my message; it’s like, the Message. Yeah. It has nothing to do with like a specific religious thing. It’s anti-religious.It has to do with spirituality. And just like— whoo— you know what I mean. The power of love, that’s all that is you know, it’s like.

Which is very confusing because we’ve got films of me, like, punching people in the head. But if you understand stuff like Sufism or stuff like that, you know, you understand that people that have done amazingly great things also carried swords and shit, you know, and that’s— and don’t be confused about that, because one person’s path is complete non-violence.

I’m more yin-yang completely, whatever it is.

…If I could’ve done it in another way I would have done it, you know what I mean. I have no control over that shit.